A peek into the world of dance, music and activism mahagami

A peek into the world of dance, music and activism

As a part of Sarngadeva Prasang music and dance festival, cultural aficionados got an insight into the world of dance and activism along with music workshop. Organised by Mahagami Gurukul of Aurangabad, a panel and discussion on dance and activism was conducted by Dr Arshiya Sethi from New Delhi which was moderated by Kunal Ray. A session of Vrindagaan was held where the participants learnt about new directions in Hindustani music that was conducted by Pandit Madhup Mudgal followed by lecture and demonstration on Maniyaaro and Shaurya Raas from Gujarat. To top it up, a vocal music workshop was conducted by him.

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Mudiyettu and Shaurya Raas & Maniyaro take centre stage at this festival mahagami

Mudiyettu and Shaurya Raas & Maniyaro take centre stage at this festival

Aurangabadkars were taken aback with a series of dance events and discussions as the event Sarngadeva Samaroh organised by dancer Parwati Dutta at Mahagami Gurukul in Aurangabad recently. Showcasing the traditional and lesser known dances of India, some of the performances that the audience witnessed was Nat Sankirtan from Manipur, Gayan Bayan from Assam, Buddhist chanting by monks from Karnataka among others.

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Aurangabadkars treated to Gayan-Bayan & Nat-Sankirtan tradition


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A bouquet of Kathak performances by Parwat mahagami

A bouquet of Kathak performances by Parwati Dutta and disciples

Gracious expressions, synchronised twirls and movements, the evening at Mahatma Gandhi Mission in Aurangabad saw a series of Kathak performances by well-known Kathak dancer Parwati Dutta and disciples recently. The evening began with Kathak group Krushnanamavali by Ishwaree Mahajan along with Siddhi Sontakke, Radha Jahagirdar, Deepa Karta, Shreeya Dixit, Gauri Saoji, Nissim Ranade, Rasika Talekar and Sheetal Bhamre presenting their group dance.

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A beguiling Kathak recital by Kathak Pathshala group

The dance concert series Aura-Aurangabad organised by city-based group MAHAGAMI has been receiving immense response from the cultural enthusiast of the city. The event that aims at showcasing rich and diverse heritage of Aurangabad through Indian classical dance performances saw an enthralling Kathak performance in their seventh concert of Season 7.

Pune-based Kathak Pathshala helmed by prominent dancer Neha Muthiyan presented Kathak performance with her beautiful troupe.

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