Performance spaces can be booked with prior request for presentation of cultural programs by sending a request to MAHAGAMI office.
The approximate booking charges as follows:
Dyavaprithivi (open-air stage) – Rs. 10,000/- (4-hour slot)
Baithak Sabhagriha (indoor hall) – Rs. 10,000/- (4-hour slot with AC)
– Rs. 6,000/- (4-hour slot without AC)
MAHAGAMI authorities reserve the rights to cancel a booking if the nature program is not found appropriate while furnishing details at time of booking.

Accommodation in MAHAGAMI or GANDHI DHAM can be booked by sending a request to MAHAGAMI office.
Per day booking charges is as follows:
Cottage Suite (AC) in MAHAGAMI – Rs. 2000/-
Cottage (Non-AC) in MAHAGAMI – Rs. 1000/-
Room in MAHAGAMI Guest House
(for single occupancy) – Rs. 1200/-
(for double occupancy) – Rs. 1500/-
Executive suite-(AC) in Gandhi Dham – Rs. 2000/-
Deluxe rooms (AC / air-cooled) in Gandhi Dham – Rs. 1500/-
Regular rooms in Gandhi Dham – Rs. 500/-