Padarpan(the initiation)
Introductory workshop

As the name suggest, PADARPAN is the 3-day introductory workshop series of MAHAGAMI that caters to the dance – aspirants interested in being introduced to the world of classical dance. This has usually been the starting points for many present shishyas of MAHAGAMI. PADARPAN workshops are organized for the art-aspirants at MAHAGAMI in the month of June, July and August every year and round the year for various educational and social organizations on request.


MAHAGAMI has a good collection of recordings on various art forms ranging from archival material, documentaries of Films Division showcasing many legendary Gurus to the commercial releases of audio and video recordings. Apart from library sessions where shishyas refer to the books and journals, PUNARAVALOKAN -Listening / viewing session of Audio-visuals is organized once a week for the shishyas and rasikas in which an audio or video recording is played followed by group discussions.

a point of view

This lecture series and interactive educational program helps the student to interact directly with the scholar or expert and comprehend various styles of art renditions. The series implicates a specific topic in each session and is followed by discussion and lecture-demonstration. Topics such as ‘gharanas of khayal’, ‘gayaki of Pt. Kumar Gandharva’, ‘Abhinaya in Kathak’, Importance of yoga for artists, human anatomy, etc have been covered under this series. Various peripheral subjects like harmonics, stage-craft,light designing, music therapy, etc will be taken into the folds of DRISHTIKON. In this lecture series many eminent artists & Gurus like late Smt. Rohini Bhate (Katahk), Kala ramesh (Hindustani classical vocalist), Dr. Vikash Kashalkar (Hindustani classical vocalist) , Smt. Vaijayanti Kashi (Kuchipudi) presented their views on the art form, followed by discussion & lec-dem.

the dialogue

SAMVAD is the workshop series establishing a ‘direct dialogue’ of the students with the invited guru and his art and attempts to expose the shishyas and rasikas especially with the lesser-known art forms. Started in 1998 with the first workshop on Mohiniattam, two workshops were later organized on Dhrupad, one of those conducted by the legendary Guru Ust. Fariduddin Dagar and the other with Rudraveena. A Pakhawaj workshop by Pt. Ramashish Pathak, Darbhanga and a workshop on the ancient martial art Vajramushti were also organized. Deepti omcheri Bhalla conducted a workshop on mohiniattam.

the progression

Intense residential workshops under revered Gurus with a theme or concept can certainly stimulate and nourish the creative quest of the disciples. SANKRAM is the production oriented workshop series of MAHAGAMI in which the invited senior Guru spends a fortnight with the MAHAGAMI students in the Gurukul premises and trains them on a production-oriented theme. The highlights of the workshop are the informal discussion sessions with the gurus about their art form and the performance of the maestro and participants on the concluding day. Workshops under the guidance of Pt Birju Maharaj (Kathak), Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra (Odissi) and Guru Banamali Maharana (Mardala) have been organized under this series.

beyond the horizon

According to the Guru-shishya tradition, after years of rigorous training, the shishya reaches a phase when he starts exploring his individual expression through creation and tries to look ‘beyond the horizon’. Solo / group presentations of MAHAGAMI disciples are arranged to mark this journey. The performance is essentially based on the traditional parameters.

Tasmai Shree Gurve Namah

a dance and music festival to mark Guru Poornima showcases the Performances of Gurus and disciples.


the assessment system

A blend of the Gurukul system and academically oriented system of assessment, Akalan is the examination system of MAHAGAMI. Akalan is a sincere attempt to assess overall progress and understanding of each Shishya. Senior disciples also present solo performances in presence of Gurus and rasikas for assessment on the concluding day of Akalan after their theory & practical exams and project submissions.