Co-sojourner of great pilgrims… sojourner of a supreme journey…

These etymological meanings of ‘MAHAGAMI’ have been the source of inspiration and guiding spirit for the kalapathiks (art dwellers) here since the day of its inception. The acronym ‘MAHAGAMI’ formed from MAHATMA GANDHI MISSION symbolizes truth, purity and perseverance.

To describe MAHAGAMI as an arts organization only would probably limit its scope and expanse.

To me, MAHAGAMI is a pilgrim surpassing the material… transcending the cerebral… seeking the spiritual… it is very inspiring and satisfying to see our dedicated team work voluntarily for the cause of art in the campus that has been aptly named ‘Rtaa’, a word derived from ‘Rtam’ meaning truth and cosmic its journey, MAHAGAMI, a poised, articulate member of the global arts commune, has few performers and teachers and many rasikas to its credit and I stand as a proud spectator of this remarkable growth eager to realize the manifold existence of MAHAGAMI, the sojourner.

Parwati Dutta